King Solomon Royal Arch Chapter #22

2013-2014 Officers List

  • High Priest:              Warren Olson
  • King:                       John Huth
  • Scribe:                     Harry Stockman
  • Treasurer:                Larry Crummey
  • Secretary:                Peter M. Stronge
  • Captain of the Host : Gregg Arnold
  • Principal Sojourner:   Donald Van Brunt
  • Royal Arch Captain:  Wayne Wissinger
  • Third Veil:                 D Buck Akers
  • Second Veil:              Frank Gilbert
  • First Veil:                  Aurele Gagne
  • Chaplain:                  Thom Carmody
  • Sentinel:                   Brian Riley
To contact an Officer, please send a message to the Secretary.


Agaman Council #12, C. M.

2013-2014 Officers List

  • Illustrious Master:                       Wayne Wissinger
  • Deputy Master:                          Aurele Gagne
  • Principal Conductor of the Work: Gregg Arnold
  • Treasurer:                                 Warren Olson
  • Recorder:                                  Peter M. Stronge 
  • Captain of the Guard:                 John Huth
  • Conductor of the Council:            Larry Crummey
  • Steward:                                   David Buck Akers
  • Marshal:                                    Donald Van Brunt
  • Chaplain:                                   Thom Carmody
  • Sentinel:                                    Harry Stockman
To contact an Officer, please send a message to the Recorder.



2013-2014 Officers List

  • Eminent Commander:               Aurele Gagne
  • Generalissimo:                         Gregg Arnold
  • Captain General:                      John Huth
  • Treasurer:                               Warren Olson
  • Recorder:                                Peter M. Stronge
  • Senior Warden:                       Donald Van Brunt
  • Junior Warden:                        Harry Stockman
  • Prelate:                                  Thom Carmody
  • Standard Bearer:                      Frank Gilbert
  • Sword Bearer:                         Wayne Wissinger
  • Warder:                                  Larry Crummey
  • Sentinel:                                 D Buck Akers
To contact an Officer, please send a message to the Recorder.


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