Colorado River Fall Festival

Every October York Rite Masons from Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico gather in Laughlin, Nevada during the pleasant fall months to confer the Degrees and Orders upon worthy Candidates, as a courtesy to their home Bodies.

In our nineteen year history we have had the honor of conferring the Degrees and Orders of York Rite Masonry on well over 1000 candidates from twelve jurisdictions, from both North and South America.

Attending the conferral of the Degrees is the "Masonic Motivation", but the Colorado River Fall Festival is really about camaraderie, fraternalism, education and cooperation. You'll see some of the finest ritual work in the Southwest - we have been used by smaller Bodies as a model for their work. In addition to the conferrals there will be Candidate Orientation, a Fellowship Banquet (with entertainment) and a "friendship tea" for the ladies, with astries, beverages, friendship and hospitality - ladies, bring your kitchen aprons for the judging.

Be sure to bring your lady - she will have the opportunity to make new friends, visit fun and interesting locales, do some shopping, take in a movie or two, eat a fine meal at a very reasonable price, and you both can enjoy some "Nevada Style Entertainment"! Have her bring her tee-shirt to the Ladies Tea.

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